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IMG 02391 300x224 Learn more about Gel Nails At Home Gel nails come in two forms, the first of which is light-cured, meaning that it must be sealed under a UV light. The second type of gel nails at home is no-light, which as the name suggests, does not require the use of a UV light to seal. Instead, an activating substance is used. The gel activator is either sprayed or brushed on to the nails, depending on the brand of activator which is used.

In salons, the most popular type of gel nail is the light-cured, whilst those who do gel nails at home will usually use no-light gels, although it is possible to purchase a UV light for at home use. Many at-home gel nail kits come with an LED light, rather than a UV, as this is less expensive but performs just as well. Although light-cured nails at the salon are popular, they do require waiting for the UV light to finish sealing the gel.

Gel nails at home are popular for many reasons. Firstly, they tend to look much more like a real nail, than acrylic. They are have a very glossy look, which most people love. With standard nail polish, this type of high shine finish doesn’t normally last more than a day or two, however with this gels effect will last until the nails are removed. These are also the favorite choice with many due to their simple application process, during which little shaping and filing needs to be done to the nails. Gel also doesn’t produce any strong chemical odor, and is safe for use by pregnant women too.


Shany Cosmetics Gel Polish – Set Of 24 Colors

gelnailpolishkit1 300x198 Learn more about Gel Nails At Home - UV gel nail colors (purple, red, gold, pink, silver, green and more)
- Cure with UV nail lamp ( I recommend using 36 Watt UV Light)
- 15 ml bottles

“These are so cool, you will have so much fun doing your nails with these!! 24 fun colors and your creative mind go wild. Bring some colors into your world!!”


If you like this gel nail colors you can get it here: Shany Cosmetics.



OPI Katy Perry Collection Nail Lacquer

opikatyperrycrack 125x300 Learn more about Gel Nails At Home - Superb hight quality gel nail product.  The OPI Shatter shades design a two-texture finish once used above nail lacquer.

- You simply paint it on over another color. This Nail Lacquer creates beautiful “shatter effect”. Because it’s thick,  you must shake, stir and roll the bottle between your palms to get it mixed well!

“I love it! It lasts longer than Crackle! I love the Black Shatter because it goes with pretty much all my nail polish colors! “




You Can Get Katy Perry for ONLY ==>> (PRICE = 50% OFF !!!!): OPI Katy Perry.



Gel Basix Kit

gelish 300x223 Learn more about Gel Nails At Home This amazing “The Basix Kit” have everything (besides UV nail lamp), that you require to get your gel nails done at home.

“After using this product for a month, my nails are beautiful! My last manicure lasted nearly two weeks, compared to other regular polish that never lasted more than a day or two,  if I didn’t manage to gunk it up before I ever got the top coat on.”



If you love this great product you can get it here: Gel Basix Kit


 Gel Nail Kits For Home

However, whilst gel nails looks and feel fantastic, a trip to the salon to get them done every couple of weeks can be a bit of a chore. This requires a lot of time and money which many busy women simply do not have. Between driving to the salon, waiting around during the application process and driving home again, it can take up far too much time. For those that love the long-lasting look of nails, but want a more convenient way to get them than a trip to the salon, gel nails kits are ideal. Doing gel nails at home isn’t something which most women think of; many assume that it can only be done by a professional salon. However this is not the case at all, as there are now plenty of fantastic gel nail kits which can be used for applying gel nails at home.

Most gel nail kits for at-home use will come with things like a nail cleanser and polish remover, as well as cuticle oil, a top coat, a base coat, and either an activating substance or a light. Some women may hesitate to buy a gel nail kit for use at home, out of concern about the lack of colors; however virtually every brand of gel nail kit now comes with a choice of many different shades, from dark plums and ruby reds, all the way up to pastel shades of pink, yellow and mint green.


Cracked Nail Polish Reviews

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crackednailpolish 300x300 Cracked Nail Polish ReviewsOne of the latest trends in makeup is a stylish new thing called crackle nail polish. Some who haven’t already heard of this will wonder what it is, and it’s very simple. It’s a nail polish that gives a cracked look. For example, if you have white nail polish, it could appear cracked to reveal black nail polish underneath and vice verse.

That might sound a bit complicated. How can a nail polish really do something like that? Well believe it or not, there are some on the market that do. OPI cracked nail polish is just one of the products available.


While each little bottle of OPI is a bit more than most women would spend on nail polish, it is possible to give yourself a cracked nail polish look with the polish you already have in your home. All you need to do is coat your nails with a base color (many people recommend white because black doesn’t turn out so well). Once that is dry, fill a cup of water and put droplets of each color in the cup. Use a toothpick to spread the colors out and to make whatever random shapes. Then, all you need to do is dip your finger slowly into it and pull it out. Wait for it to dry and you have a great crackle nail design.


OPI Shatter Nail Polish – Silver

opikatyperrycrack1 125x300 Cracked Nail Polish ReviewsThis one is beautiful crackle polish but you really have to read the guidelines to get the best of it. High qualitiy OPI crackle polish is very easy to use and you can wear it for weeks.

Totally recommended! It looks best if you put this lacquer over a darker color, you will love it.





If you like this OPI you can get it here for LOWEST PRICE (76% OFF!):Crackle Polish.



12 New Shatter Nail Polish Mixed Colors Set

crackle Cracked Nail Polish ReviewsIf you like something special and unique then this new Bundle Monster is your best choice for great price! For home and professional nail manicure.

You will be amazed at the Hight Quality of this product with lots of different colors to choose from.


Don’t hesitate and get this product right now: Bundle Monster 12 Crackle Set


Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish – Black

miasecret Cracked Nail Polish ReviewsThis Mia Secret crackle polish is beautiful. It’s High Quality Product brand for all crackle types.

Don’t Forget to read instruction, it is very important. Use only on gel nails or Acrylics nails for best results!






If you like this beautiful Crackle Polish click here: Mia Secret Crackle Black


  Cracked nail polish tips. Just a few tips on maintaining your nails after they have been done:

  • Keep them dry. As we all know, the minute your nail polish gets wet, it becomes weaker and more likely to peel. If you really want to preserve your nails, wear rubber gloves while you shower or bathe to ensure they don’t get wet.
  • Don’t bite your nails. Not only is biting your nails unattractive, but it also bites off the nail polish and makes them peel off very quickly.
  • Apply a clear coat every day. This can also help if you don’t want to wear gloves to shower! The coat will become affected, but not the underneath colors. Therefore, if you apply every day, you will maintain your colors easily.


Just a few easy things that can help you keep the look of crackle nail polish without having to continuously paint them each day.


Some people who have done their nails using crackle nail polish have used some nail glue to put some little diamonds on some of the cracks to really make them stand out. No matter what you do or where you want to go with these nails, this new look on your fingertips is going to make others around you curious about how you managed such an awesome look. While the OPI cracked nail polish is an easy recommendation, you can always brag about how you did it all by yourself and either tell or keep the secret to yourself. There is no limit as to what style and colors you can use on your nails.


Gel Nail Kits

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gelnailpolishkit11 300x174 Gel Nail KitsWhether your nails are an embarrassment in desperate need of help or you want to treat yourself to a set of glamorous nails, gel nail kits is an easy to do-it-yourself solution.

For centuries women with long, well manicured, polished nails were a symbol of social status distinguishing themselves from women who worked in the fields or in hard labor – women who didn’t have the luxury of strong, polished nails.

What are gel nail kits?

In 2012, long beautifully manicured nails are a fashion statement. While some women are born with nice, healthy nails, many others have short, weak or unsightly nails and resort to artificial nails as a possible solution.  Artificial nails are available in two forms: acrylic or gel. Acrylic nails are bought as pre-made acrylic nail designs and applied over your existing nail with glue. Gel nails are applied on top of your existing nail by applying a very thin coal of gel and top coat. The best gel nail kits come in a variety of colors and prices.

Benefits of gel nails

Because gel nail polish does not chip like traditional nail polish, light-colored gel nail polish can last up to six weeks before it shows signs of wear. Darker-colored gel nail polishes don’t last as long as the lighter versions, but they can last up to two or three weeks, which is longer than a traditional manicure. While gel nails do require soaking your nails in acetone as part of the gel nail removal process, your actual nail bed will be undamaged if removed properly.

Disadvantages of gel nail kits

A common complaint among gel nail users is the time it takes for the gel to cure. In order for gel nails to cure properly, an ultra-violet (UV) or light-emitting diode (LED) light is required. The choice to use UV or LED light is a personal preference; however, the size of the unit and the bulb wattage are more important factors. Larger units help reduce curing time, as smaller units only allow four fingers to dry at time thus increasing the time required. LED lighting will cut the cure time by one-third. Those who are concerned with the effects of UV lighting on their skin can use sun screen with SPF protection.

If you are concerned with the cost of obtaining gel nails professionally, gel nail kits are available for those who prefer to do their own nails at home. Extra caution should be taken (both at a salon and at home) to apply the gel nails properly and to use equipment that is clean and sterile. Reports of fungal infections are a side effect of improper application or unsanitary conditions. In some professions, such as nursing where employees may have contact with people with compromised immune systems, gel nails may be prohibited to avoid spreading fungal infections to others.

Finally, removal of gel nails is done by soaking fingers in acetone and should be removed before applying a fresh coat of gel nails. Although acrylic nails are strong, removing acrylic nails can leave your nails weak and damaged and do not stand up as well to daily tasks as their gel nail counterparts.

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